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  Volume 8, Number 1, January – April 2020
Original Article
Climate Change and Childhood Malnutrition
    Urmimala Baruah1, Ruma Bhattacharyya2  |
Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Nutrition: Adolescents Study
    E Lakshmi  |
Life Chakra Mantra for Work Life Balance
    Sangeeta Ahuja  |
Trans: Fat in Modern Diet
    K Silambu Selvi1, DY Athina Deepa Prasanna2  |
Review Article
Need of Milk Fortification and Indian Scenario
    Vivek Sahu1, Priya2, Pratibha Yadav3, Meena Goswami4, Vikas Pathak5, Barkha Sharma6, Sanjay Singh7  |
Nutrimental and Ethnomedicinal Potential Plants of the Qur’an: An Overview - IV
    TP Mall  |