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International Journal of Food, Nutrition & Dietetics

Volume  8, Issue 1, January – April 2020, Pages 45-49


Review Article

Need of Milk Fortification and Indian Scenario
Vivek Sahu1, Priya2, Pratibha Yadav3, Meena Goswami4, Vikas Pathak5, Barkha Sharma6, Sanjay Singh7
1MVSc Scholar, Dept. of LPT, 4Assistant Professor, Dept. of LPT, 5Professor and Head, Dept. of LPT, 6Assistant Professor, Dept. of EPM, 7PhD Scholar, Dept. of LPT, College of Veterinary Sciences and AH, DUVASU, Mathura, Uttar Pradesh 281001, India. 2PhD Scholar, Dept. of LPM, 3MVSc Scholar, Dept. of LPT, Indian Veterinary Research Institute, Izatnagar, Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh 243122, India
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There is a very heavy burden of vitamins deficiency in all age groups of population particularly in urban areas
because of their lifestyle as they spent more time indoors so they get less exposed to sunlight and therefore become
more prone to vitamin D deficiency. The need of fortification of milk feels as an alternative of the supplementary
vitamin capsules. As a component of daily diet milk is the best way to supplement with additional vitamins to
overcome the effect of deficiencies. Not only vitamins milk can also be supplemented with micronutrients like Fe,
Zn and folic acid. As a developing country India has a higher proportion of anaemic population and people rely on
milk for their nutrients but milk is deficient in iron and cannot compensate with daily iron requirements. Therefore,
government is focusing on fortification as this is cost effective and do not require complex technologies for the
addition of vitamins, it just require a premix of the vitamins and added before homogenisation and pasteurisation.
Keywords: Milk; Fortification; Vitamin A; Vitamin D, Deficiency; Life style.

Corresponding Author : Meena Goswami