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  Volume 2, Number 2, May-Aug 2016
Review Article
Development of Auditory Skills, Speech and Language in Typically Developing Children in the Age Range 0-5 Years
    B.K. Yamini*, Narinder Kaur**, Nitin K. Damam***  |  DOI:
An Insight into the Causes of Hearing Loss in Neonates and Children
    Pradeep Yuvaraj*, Hari Prakash**, Vijay Valli***  |  DOI:
Early Identification of Hearing Loss in Neonates & Children- Information to Non-Audiologists
    Heramba Ganapathy Selvarajan*, Aravind Kumar Rajasekaran**  |  DOI:
Effect & Intervention of Hearing Loss in Children: A Short Review
    Aravind Kumar Rajasekaran*, Narendra Kumar Mariappan**, Saranya Gunalan**  |  DOI:
Speech Disorders in Children: A Short Review
    Havilah Jayakumar*, Neeraja Karthi**  |  DOI:
Language Disorders in Children: A Brief Outlook
    Neeraja Karthi*, Amudhu Sankar**  |  DOI:
Psychosocial Issues of Parents of Children with Communication Disorders: A Family Perspective
    S. Ubahara Sahayaraj*, Ameer Hamza**  |  DOI: