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International Journal of Pediatric Nursing

Volume  2, Issue 2, May-Aug 2016, Pages 99-103


Review Article

Language Disorders in Children: A Brief Outlook
Neeraja Karthi*, Amudhu Sankar**
*Consultant Speech- Language Pathologist, Shanthi Hospital and Research Center, Bangalore. **Assistant Professor, Department of Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences, Sri Ramachandra University, Porur, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, 600116.
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 Speech - Language Pathologists (SLPs) have shown keen interest in childhood language disorders for more than 40 years. It has become a common scenario today to find that children experience pressure during language development. In addition, a rapid increase in the number of communication disorders in children during the recent times is threatening. Although this condition has gained popularity and understanding in the west, it is yet to attain complete awareness in the Indian context. The aim of this article is to facilitate understanding of these disorders among the health professionals and public to favor early identification and intervention of these children in Indian conditions.

Keywords: Childhood Language Disorders; Early Identification and Intervention ; SLPs.

Corresponding Author : Neeraja Karthi*