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  Volume 7, Number 2, July – December 2020
Original Article
Effect of Blood Transfusion on Levels of Haemoglobin Variants in Neonates in First Six Months of Age
    1Amit Gupta, 2Anubha Shrivastava, 3Ruchi Rai, 4D K Singh, 5Manisha, 6M V Singh  |
Relationship Between Glycemic Levels and Treatment Outcome Among Critically ill Children
    1Sanjay Sudhakar Joshi, 2Anjali Kurup, 3Ashish Kumar Patil  |
Incidence of Phototherapy Induced Hypocalcemia in Hyperbilirubinemic Neonates: A Cross Sectional Study
    1Imran Asghar, 2Vasanth N Kumar, 3Hassan Farogh, 4Bandhopadhyay Chandreyi, 5Indranil Choudhuary  |
Study of Maternal Outcome in Relation to Placental LocationIn Tertiary Care Centre
    Alka Patil1, Amod Mahajani2, Bhagyashree Badade3, Sayli Thavare4  |
Case Report
Intrauterine Fetal Traumatic Lung Injury Following Road Traffic Accident to Mother: A Case Report
    1Manoj Batnagar, 2Swapnali Bansode, 3Kavitha Ganesan, 4Madhabika Chakraborty , 5Tushita Lakhera, 6Priyanka Ahire  |
Impact of Covid-19 On Your Childs Well Being
    Pramod Jog1, Shubhangini Sachdeva2  |
Subcutaneous Fat Necrosis of Newborn – A Case Report
    Shreya Bhate1, Sunil Natha Mhaske2, Abhijeet Shinde3  |