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 International Journal of Neurology and Neurosurgery
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Journal Details
Editorial-Chief Atul Goel, Mumbai
ISSNp 0975-0223
ISSNe 2455-5312
Frequency Semiannual
IC Value 75.73
Impact Factor -
Publishing Year 2009
Affiliated to RFPPL own publication
Readership Neurologists, neurosurgeons, neuro-pathologists, neuro-psychiatrists, neuro-oncologists
Abstracting and Indexing information Indexed with & Covered by:Index Copernicus, Poland; NLM catalogue & locator plus, USA; EBSCO Publishing`s Electronic Databases, USA; Academic Search Complete, USA; Academic Search Research & Development, USA; ProQuest, USA; Genamics JournalSeek; WorldCat; CiteFactor, USA; Cosmos Impact Factor, Germany; Eurasian Scientific Journal Index, Kazakhstan; Gaudeamus Academia; iiiFactor, London, International Innovative Journal Impact Factor (IIJIF); International Scientific Indexing (ISI), Dubai; Journal Factor; Journal; MIAR, Barcelona; Polish Scholarly Bibliography, Poland; Research Bible; Research Impact Factor; Root Society for Indexing and Impact Factor Service; Scholar Steer, California; Science Library Index, Australia; Scientific Indexing Services (SIS), USA; Scientific World Index; The International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE); International Services For Impact Factor And Indexing (ISIFI); Journals Impact Factor (JIF).
About the Journal

The International Journal of Neurology and Neurosurgery (ISSN 0975-0223) is devoted to publishing papers and reports on the various aspects of neurology and neurosurgery. It is an international forum for papers of high scientific standard that are of interest to Neurologists and Neurosurgeons world-wide. Neurological progress, concerning new developments in the field of neurology and neurosurgery. The journal presents original experimental and research papers, review papers and case reports in the field of neurology and neurosurgery. The International Journal of Neurology and Neurosurgery publishes reviews and essays from eminent neurologists and neurosurgeons from around the world, as well as educational material to test your knowledge.

Current Issue Volume 9,Number 1 2017
Original Article
Primary Ewing's Sarcoma of Spine, Its Management & Outcome: A Retrospective Analysis
Manish Jaiswal*
[Abstract] | [HTML Full text] | [PDF]
Spontaneous and Rapid Resolution of Acute Sub Dural Hematomas: A Retrospective Study for Evaluation of Predicting Factors
Manish Jaiswal**
[Abstract] | [HTML Full text] | [PDF]
Potential Predictors of Prolonged Hospital Stay in Operated Traumatic Brain Injury at Tertiary Center in Northern India: Retrospective Analysis
Manish Jaiswal**
[Abstract] | [HTML Full text] | [PDF]
Clinical Profile of Dementia Presenting before Age 25 Years: An Experience from a Tertiary Level Hospital in Mumbai
Rahul Chakor*
[Abstract] | [HTML Full text] | [PDF]
Variable Onset and Progression in Six Patients of Multiple System Atrophy
Hareshkumar Bharote*
[Abstract] | [HTML Full text] | [PDF]
Case Report
Valsalva's Maneuver for Removal of Intraventricular Cyst
Rajnish Kumar Arora*
[Abstract] | [HTML Full text] | [PDF]
Intraventricular Arteriovenous Malformation Mimicking Tumor: A Rare Presentation
Bhaskar Mukesh K.*
[Abstract] | [HTML Full text] | [PDF]
Bilateral Cerebello-Pontine Angle Arachnoid Cyst in a Newborn with Facial and Auditory Nerve Paresis
Vikas Singh*
[Abstract] | [HTML Full text] | [PDF]
Giant Orbital Encephalocele with Proptosis Due to Sphenoid Wing Dysplasia Associated With Neurofibromatosis 1: Soft Tissue Repair
Manish Jaiswal**
[Abstract] | [HTML Full text] | [PDF]
Spontaneous Regression of Large Herniated Lumbar Disc with Remission of Symptoms
Borkar Sachin Anil**
[Abstract] | [HTML Full text] | [PDF]
Retrograde Partial Migration of Ventriculo-Peritoneal Shunt With its Chamber: Review of Causative Factors and Its Prevention
Manish Jaiswal**
[Abstract] | [HTML Full text] | [PDF]
Isolated Sacral Nerve Root Ependymoma
Nitin Dange*
[Abstract] | [HTML Full text] | [PDF]
OPLL: Not Decompression but Fixation as a Form of Surgical Treatment
Atul Goel
[Abstract] | [HTML Full text] | [PDF]