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 Sr. No.  Name  Position  Image
1 A Lal Managing Director
2 B.D. Khan Peon cum Field Worker
3 Dinesh Kumar Kashyap Accountant
4 Gajendra Singh Peon cum Field Worker
5 Hema Yadav LDC cum Page Layout Designer
6 Jyoti LDC
7 Manoj Kumar Singh Publication Editor (Journal)
8 Mr Sapam Jiten Singh Production Manager (Book)
9 Neeraj LDC
10 Pushpa LDC
11 Rajesh Kumar LDC cum Computer Operater
12 Rani Peon
13 Rekha Peon cum Field Worker
14 Rinki LDC
15 Sabi Ahmed Khan LDC
16 Sapam Jiten Singh Production Manager (Book)
17 Wasim Ahmed Peon cum Field Worker
18 Zahid Ali LDC