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  Volume 7, Number 1, Jan-Mar 2019
Original Article
Maternal Age and Pregnancy Outcome
    B.H. Narayani1, Sangeetha K2  |  DOI:
To Study the Safety and Feasibility of Caesarean Myomectomy
    Majumdar Anamika1, Patel Priyanka2, Rajput Priti Singh3, Kalotra Denisha4, Shah Aena5, Vanani Radhika6  |  DOI:
Comparative Study between two Regimens of Dinoprostone Gel Induction
    C. Shanthi1, K.S. Chitra2  |  DOI:
Use of Intramyometrial Versus Intravenous Oxytocin of 10IU in Prevention of Postpartum Haemorrhage During Cesarean Section
    Gomathy E1, Nikitha V2, Munikrishna M3  |  DOI:
Placenta Accreta and its Management and Outcomes in Tertiary Centre: Low Resource Settings
    C. Shanthi1, K.S. Chitra2  |  DOI:
Prevalence of Hypothyroidism in Pregnancy with TSH Estimation
    Kamlesh Dhanjani1, Rajrani Sharma2  |  DOI:
Compare the Efficacy of Rectal Misoprostol with Intravenous Oxytocin in Managing the third Stage of Labour
    Mannapuram Padma  |  DOI:
Clinical Study on Diagnostic Accuracy of RMI
    C. Shanthi1, N.K. Mahalakshmi2  |  DOI:
Hysterectomy in the Intellectually Disabled Girl – From the Perspective of Indian Mothers
    Mehnaz Abdulla1, Annie Rajaratnam2  |  DOI:
To Study Association of Cervical Length in Full Term Pregnant Women and Delivery Interval
    Nilam Prajapati1, Sheetal K. Parmar2, Anjani Shrivastava3  |  DOI:
Role of Tubal Ligation / Salpingectomy in Reducing the Risk of Ovarian Cancer
    Poornima MS1, Annie Rajaratnam2  |  DOI:
Metabolic Syndrome among Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome: A Cross Sectional Study
    Rajpura Siddharth Bharatbhai1, Desai Archish Ishvarbhai2  |  DOI:
The Occiput-Spine Angle and Fetal Head Deflexion During the First Stage of Labor
    Anjani Shrivastava1, Kedar Ajay Trivedi2, Ronak V. Makwana3  |  DOI:
To Study Association of Cervical Length of Full Term Pregnant Women and Outcome of Labour
    Sheetal K. Parmar1, Nilam Prajapati2, Anjani Shrivastava3  |  DOI:
Low Dose Magnesium Sulphate for Management of Eclampsia, Preeclamisa: An Evidence Based Alternative to Pritchard Regime
    Sardesai Suman1, Rajiv Dabade2, Kelkar Archana3, Mulay Bharat4  |  DOI:
Study of Zinc and Copper Levels in Maternal Serum and Fetal Umbilical Cord in Preterm Labours
      |  DOI:
Risk Factors of Eclampsia: A Cross Sectional Study
    Usha Beniwal1, Kedar Ajay Trivedi2, Anjani Shrivastava3  |  DOI:
Study of Correlation of Serum Vitamin D Levels and Ovarian Reserve in Infertile Patients
    Kalki Hymavathi1, Malini Devi G2, Vineela P3, Naga Jyothi G4  |  DOI:
Case Report
Pregnancy following Sheehan’s Syndrome
    Amanjot Kaur  |  DOI:
Carcinosarcoma: A Rare Tumour of the Ovary
    Varsha Kose1, Vishakha Kandalgaonkar2  |  DOI: