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  Volume 11, Number 1, January-March 2022
Original Article
Comparative Study of Foramen Magnum in Dry Cadaveric Skulls and Computerized Tomography Images in North Interior Part of Karnataka Region
    1Mohammad Tahir K Qureshi, 2Ishwar B Bagoji 3R S Bulagouda, 4Gavishiddappa A Hadimani, 5M Lakshmi Narayan, 6Anand V Nimbal  |
A Cadaveric Study of Variant Morphology of Gall Bladder and its Clinical Significance
    1Sharad Kumar Pralhad Sawant, 2Shaheen Rizvi  |
Review Article
E- Learning: A New Method to Teach Anatomy
    1Sharad kumar Pralhad Sawant, 2Shaheen Rizvi  |  :