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Indian Journal of Anatomy

Volume  11, Issue 1, January-March 2022, Pages 23-26


Review Article

E- Learning: A New Method to Teach Anatomy
1Sharad kumar Pralhad Sawant, 2Shaheen Rizvi
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Today teaching and learning in medical curriculum have moved out beyond textbooks and classrooms into the digital world. According to Ellaway & Masters, “e-learning encompasses a pedagogical approach that typically aspires to be flexible, engaging and learner– centered; one that encourages interaction (staff–staff, staff–student, student–student), and collaboration and communication, often asynchronously (though not exclusively so).” E-learning should blend with, and complement didactic teaching learning methods. A blended learning environment compared with a traditional lecture setting is more fulfilling and gives a constant satisfaction as compared to traditional teaching methods. Medical students coming from varied backgrounds, find the study of Anatomy difficult, as there are a lot of new concepts and terminologies to be understood and memorized. Along with it the vast curriculum and the reduced duration of the course adds to their misery. Available resources like textbooks, workbooks or atlases do not allow accessing all anatomical structures or clinical inputs as well as the latest updates. With advances in technology, electronic learning can solve the insufficiencies experienced by such students and boost anatomy learning. The article traces an E-learning environment through various websites in the study of Anatomy and its advantages over traditional teaching methods

Corresponding Author : Sharad Kumar Pralhad Sawant,