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  Volume 5, Number 3, Sept - Dec 2016
Original Article
Study of BMI in Junk Food Eaters of Both the Sexes in the Age Group 18-20
    H.G. Thejeshwari*, R. Rajendra**, U.K. Makandar***, H.L. Thejaswi*  |  DOI:
Variation in Carotid System Anatomy in Central India
    Manisha B. Sinha*, Human Prasad Sinha**, Dhayanesh Sharma*, Mrithunjay Rathore*, Soumitra Trivedi*, Abu Ubaida Siddiqui*  |  DOI:
Students’ Perception on the Effectiveness of Various Teaching and Learning Methods in Anatomy
    Rosemol Xaviour*, P.K. Ramakrishan**  |  DOI:
Clinical and Cytogenetic Study in Primary Amenorrhea
    Vinayak Kulkarni*, SeemaKorgaonkar**, Babu Rao Vundinti***  |  DOI:
Evaluation of Teratogenic Potential of Ondansetron on Developing Chick Embryo
    Bokariya P.*, Kothari R.**, Gujar V.*, Shende MR***, Doshi MA***  |  DOI:
Molecular Genetic study of Complete Hydatidiform Moles
    J.E. Waghmare*, P.S. Ambulkar**, N.M. Gangane***, A.K. Pal****  |  DOI:
Buccal Smear Examination for Barr Bodies as Sex Determination Tool: Is it a Redundant Exercise?
    Jayaben S. Charania*, Shanta Hattangdi**  |  DOI:
Small Group Teaching: Easy Method of Learning Anatomy
    Sharadkumar Pralhad Sawant*, Shinde Mahesh S.**, Shaheen Rizvi**  |  DOI:
Steps in the Dissection of the Fibrous Skeleton of the Heart
    Kishor Dattatray Khushale*, Yuvaraj Jayaprakash Bhosale*  |  DOI:
Dissection of the Right Trigone of the Heart
    Kishor Dattatray Khushale*, Yuvaraj Jayaprakash Bhosale*  |  DOI:
Sutural Morphology of Pterion and Asterion among Dry Human Skulls in Marathwada Region of Maharashtra
    Priya P. Wattamwar*, Azhar Ahmed Siddiqui**  |  DOI:
A Study of Variations in Origin of Cystic Artery and Relation of Cystic Artery to Biliary Ducts
    Dixit Daksha*, Adhikary Shalik R.**, Yadav Sanjay Kumar***, Majhi Santosh Kumar***, Desai Suresh P.****  |  DOI:
Morphometric Analysis of Foramen Magnum in Dry Adult Human Skull
    Deepa G.*, ShriKrishan B.H.**  |  DOI:
Ultrasonographic Measurement of Splenic Length in Relation with Height in Gujarati Population
    Ramkumar K. Singhal*, Dhara Patel**, S.M. Patel***, Anuj K Shrivastava****  |  DOI:
The Golden Proportion and Its Application to the Human Face: A Cross-Sectional Study
    Deepa G.*, Shrikrishna B.H.**  |  DOI:
Variations in the Mode of Termination of Facial Artery
    Dnyaneshwar*, Sudhakara Babu Chelli**, Suresh P. Desai***, Vijaynath Itagi****  |  DOI:
Stature Prediction & Anthropometric Hand Dimensions: A Relationship Unearthed
    Khwaja Moizuddin*, Zuberi Hussain Riyaz** , Azhar Ahmed Siddiqui***  |  DOI:
A Morphometric Study of Infraorbital Foramen and Its Laterality in Dry Adult Skulls North Karnataka Population
    Dnyaneshwar*, Vijaynath Itagi**, Sudhakara Babu Chelli***, Suresh P. Desai****  |  DOI:
Sternal Foramina: A Study in Marathwada Population
    Sukre Shivaji B.*, Swapna Ramesh Chavan**, Shinde Mahesh S.***, Laeeque M.****, Dope Santoshkumar A.*****  |  DOI:
Morphometric Study of Femur for Determination of Sex of a Person: Cadaveric Cross Sectional Study in North Karnataka
    Dnyaneshwar*, Sudhakara Babu Chelli**, Suresh P. Desai***, Vijaynath Itagi****  |  DOI:
A Morphometric Study of Lumbar Vertebra Pedicles and Its Use in Transpedicular Screw Fixation
    Pai Nagaraja V.*, Mutyal Shubhangi R.*, Ambiye Medha V.**  |  DOI:
Variations in the Morphology of Human Liver and Its Clinical Importance
    Sonare Shilpa*, Nikam Praful**, Fulpatil Milind***  |  DOI:
Augmenting the Visual Display of Museum Specimen Using Fabrica Acrylic Colors and Its Better Restoration
    Pushpa Potaliya*, Surajit Ghatak**  |  DOI:
Supratrochlear Foramen; Morphological Correlation and Clinical Significance in Western Maharashtrian Population
    Pushpa Burute*, Suruchi Singhal*, Swathi Priyadarshini**  |  DOI:
Clinical and Histological Spectrum of Gall Bladder Lesions after Cholecystectomy
    Waghmare Ramesh S.*, Sakore Shubhangi D.**  |  DOI:
Digital Dermatoglyphics in Carcinoma Breast
    Sakore Shubhangi D.*, Waghmare Ramesh S.**, Kamble R.A.***  |  DOI:
Objective Assessment of Students Performance before and After Joining Medical College
    Surya Kumari N.*, Amit Singh Bharati*, V. Subashini Rani**, Srinivas C.H.***  |  DOI:
Study of Correlation between Human Height and Foot Length in North-East Karnataka Population (Gulbarga and Bidar)
    Amit Singh Bharati*, Surya Kumari N.**, V. Subashini Rani***  |  DOI: