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  Volume 7 Number 1 2019
 Original Article
 Organic Farming for Sustainable Food and Nutrition with Rural Empowerment
  Sangeeta Ahuja
[Abstract] | [PDF]
 Nutrimental and Ethnomedicinal Potential Plants of the Qur’an: An Overview - I
  T.P. Mall
[Abstract] | [PDF]
 Consumer’s Knowledge, Attitude and Practices (KAP) Regarding Organic Foods in Relation to Demographic Factors of Punjab
   Neerja Singla
[Abstract] | [PDF]
 Impact of Nutrition Counseling on Dietary Intake of Obese Women from Low, Middle and High Income Group of Hoshiarpur City of Punjab
  Poonam Bakhetia
[Abstract] | [PDF]
 Review Article
 Vegetable Pigments: Effect of Ph and Heat- A Review
  E. Lakshmi
[Abstract] | [PDF]