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  Volume 6, Number 1-2, January - December 2021
Original Article
Single Time EUS Guided Aspiration of Caudate Lobe Abscess is less Painful
    Viswanath Reddy Donapati1, Guduru R Srinivas Rao2, Ravishankar Bagepally3  
Review Article
Recovery Rate and Hospitalization Stay Patient Treated with Corticosteroids Alone, Along with Antiviral Oral and Intravenous: Faviparavir & Remdesivir: 40 Patients Clinical study
    Mayank Chugh1, Satender Tanwar2  
Case Report
Acute Abdomen Unusual Presentation of Pancreatitis: Late Rise of Serum Amylase than the CTSI of Balthazar Scoring
    Mayank Chugh1, Satender Tanwar2, Jaideep Bagri3