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  Volume 14, Number 3, July – September 2021
Original Article
Estimation of stature from per-cutaneous tibial length measurement amongst students of S.M.S.R, Sharda University
    Anshul Saxena1, Pooja Rastogi2, Rohit Bharti3, Ankita Kakkar4  |
A Report on Illegal Abortions in Transkei Region of South Africa
    Banwari Meel  |
Human Biometric Authentication using Dental Features
    K Ramasamy1, M Jayasheela2, E Gomathi3, E Udayakumar4  |
Frequency of Urinary Anomalies in Perinatal Autopsies
    Pratima Manohar Pattar1, Sainath K Andola2, Asha Patil3, Suraj B4  |
Age Determination from Coracoid Process of Shoulder Joint in Males of Central India
    Vishal Babulal Surwade1, Sachin Kumar Meena2, B H Tirpude3, P N Murkey4  |
Review Article
Physical Indicators of a Grave: A Review
    Manashree Mane1, Saptarshi Suresh Rao2, Urvita Sharma3, Sandip Kumar Chhasia4  |
Case Report
Doctrine of ‘resipsa loquitur’ in surgical management of head injury in Transkei region, South Africa: Case Report
    Banwarilal Meel  |
Accidental Decapitation in Road Traffic Accident: A Rare Occurence
    Abhishek Yadav1, Aravindan V2, Jay Narayan Pandit3, Karthi Vignesh4  |
A Case of Megacolon with a Giant Fecaloma on Medico-Legal Autopsy
    Robert Ngude1, B Meel2  |