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  Volume 5, Number 2, May-Aug 2017
Original Article
Prevalence of Anemia in Pregnant Women w.s.r.t. Socio-economic Status: Observational Study
    Sanjeev S. Tonni*, Anita C.**, Hemalatha M.S.**, Amrutha Kalyani***  |
Organoleptic Properties of a Standardised Food Product (Cookies) Developed from Beet Root Extract and Bengal Gram Flour
    Luxita Sharma*, Mansi Sardana**  |
Status of Education and Training among Food Handlers from Selected Catering Establishments
    Mamatha Mishra*, Jamuna Prakash**  |
Acceptability Profile of Tomato Soup Prepared Using Flavor Potentiator and Spices
    Prabhavathi S.N.*, Jamuna Prakash**  |
Review Article
Pomegranate: An Exotic Fruit with Rich Antioxidants
    K. Silambuselvi*, V. Muruguvalavan**  |
Fat Replacers in Food Production
    Urmimala Baruah*, Ruma Bhattacharyya**  |