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International Journal of Food, Nutrition & Dietetics

Volume  10, Issue 1, January-April 2022, Pages 17-19


Review Article

The Science of Browning: Useful or Dangerous?
K Silambu Selvi
Assistant Professor, Department of Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics, SRM Medical College Hospital and Research Centre, Kattankulathur, Tamil Nadu 603211, India.
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The last few years in India, have witnessed an upsurge in the barbeque culture which draws youngsters towards grilled and browned foods. It is no wonder that teens are attracted to the special charred aroma and flavor along with the appealing golden brown colored layer on the foods. This special attraction could be attributed to various factors such as the preparation and cooking method involved, the chemical components of the food, and the different chemical reactions that occur while cooking. The effect of these foods on health has been a subject of huge debate. On one side, they are promoted to be a healthy cooking method that reduces fat content and on the other hand, the chemical products released from these foods have proven to be carcinogenic. Limiting the frequency of consumption of grilled foods and increasing the usage of other safe methods such as boiling, poaching, or steaming will be more beneficial in improving individual health status.

Corresponding Author : K Silambu Selvi