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International Journal of Food, Nutrition & Dietetics

Volume  10, Issue 1, January-April 2022, Pages 21-28


Review Article

Factors Influencing Consumption Patterns and Choices for Mushrooms in “Mushroom City of India”, Solan (HP)
Nisha Kumari1, Bhavya Shrma2, Kapil Kathuria
1Assistant Professor, 2Research Scholar, 3Professor, Department of Business Management, Dr. Y S Parmar University of Horticulture and Forestry, Nauni, Himachal Pradesh 173223, India
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Purpose of the present research work is to study mushroom as a popular food & nutrient option in post COVID-19 era; further the work aim to understand the factors that influence the choices and consumption patterns of mushroom consumers. The responses of a sample of 102 respondents have been recorded using a structured questionnaire. These respondents consisted of the visitors to the points of sales for mushrooms in comprising Municipal Corporation area, Solan, (HP). Percentage, Chi-Square and Pearson correlation method were used to analyse the quantitative data collected. The study clearly indicated that mushroom as vegetable is popular among respondents in the study area. White button mushroom is the first preference followed by oyster and Gucchi for respondents. Shape and size followed by price and color acted as the evaluation criteria for mushroom purchase. Education level had a significant positive Correlation with the mushroom consumption frequency. ‘Good for health’ followed by ‘to add variety to diet’ and ‘medicinal value/prosperities’ are the main reasons for mushroom consumption among respondents. The non availability of fresh mushrooms on regular basis in local market led to mushrooms not being purchased.

Corresponding Author : Nisha Kumari,