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Special Issue Proposal Submission

Thank you for the interest in proposing a special issue to the Red Flower Publication Journal. Before submitting a special issue proposal, ensure that it meets the scope of the journal and our editorial guidelines. You should also verify that there is no overlap with the current special issue as it could delay the start of your special issue if accepted.

If you are submitting a conference issue, please include the word "Conference" in the title of the proposal and the details of the conference in the text of the proposal, including a link to the conference website.

We will contact you as soon as possible about your proposal. If you have any questions, contact us directly at

Please provide the details required for your editorial team. If you include a link to the guest editor's publication record, please provide a link to their Web of Science, Scopus or Google Scholar profile.

More information about Conflicts of Interest can be found here.
I declare that non of the Guest Editors have a conflict of interest.
One (or more) editors have a conflict of interest