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 Indian Journal of Anatomy
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Journal Details
Editorial-Chief Col (Dr)Sushil Kumar, MD, Pune
Frequency Bi-Monthly
IC Value IC Value: 90.52 (2020),2018: 92.80, 2016: 75.23, 2015: 70.28
Impact Factor -
Publishing Year 2012
Affiliated to Red Flower Publication

Anatomists, Embryologist, Geneticists.

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Index Copernicus, Poland (IC Value: 90.52 (2020), 2018: 92.80, 2016: 75.23, 2015: 70.28)
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The International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE).

About the Journal

The Indian Journal of Anatomy (ISSN 2320–0022) is a tri-annual print and online journal of the Red Flower Publication Pvt. Ltd. publishes original and peer-reviewed articles, for the dissemination of anatomical knowledge with clinical, surgical and imaging guidance. Includes articles of history, reviews and biographies, locomotors, splachnology, neuroanatomy, imaging anatomy, anatomical variations, anatomical techniques, education and pedagogy in anatomy, Human Anatomy, Veterinary Anatomy, Embryology, Gross Anatomy (Macroscopic), Microscopic Anatomy (Histology, Cytology), Plant Anatomy (Phytotomy), Comparative Anatomy, editorials, letters to the editor, and case reports. Articles of veterinary anatomy, comparative and other morphological sciences are accepted.

Readership: Anatomical specialties, veterinarian, embryologists.

Bibliographic Information:

Print ISSN; 2320-0022

Electronic ISSN: 2455-622X

Current Issue Volume 4,Number 4 444
Original Article
A Cadaveric Study of Variant Morphology of Gall Bladder and its Clinical Significance
Sharad kumar Pralhad Sawant
[Abstract] | [HTML Full text] | [PDF]
Comparative Study of Foramen Magnum in Dry Cadaveric Skulls and Computerized Tomography Images in North Interior Part of Karnataka Region
Ishwar B Bagoji
[Abstract] | [HTML Full text] | [PDF]
Review Article
E- Learning: A New Method to Teach Anatomy
Sharad Kumar Pralhad Sawant,
[Abstract] | [HTML Full text] | [PDF]