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  Current Issue of Indian Journal of Legal Medicine
Volume 1 Number 2 2019
Original Article
Perceptions of Students Regarding Structured Oral Examination in Forensic Medicine
Pragnesh Parmar
[Abstract] | [PDF]
Comparison of Small Group Discussions and Didactic Lectures in Forensic Medicine
Chetan Kumar R
[Abstract] | [PDF]
Forensic Odontology: Knowledge and Awareness Among 2nd Year Medical Students
Mohit Gupta
[Abstract] | [PDF]
Review Article
Medicolegal Autopsy and Post-Mortem Examination in Female Victims of Crime: When and Why
Vivekanshu Verma
[Abstract] | [PDF]
Case Report
Post Anesthesia Clumping of Cauda Equine Nerve Roots after Hip Replacement Surgery - Allegation of Medical Negligence: A Case Report and Review
Suman Badhal
[Abstract] | [PDF]