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Indian Journal of Legal Medicine
About the journal
Dr. Vivekanshu Verma DFM, Gurugram
Not affiliated with any society / association / organization

Health professionals, health administrators, attorneys, policy makers, and academics.

Volume 3, Number 1-2 (January - December ), 2022
November 26, 2021

Journal Description

The Indian Journal of Legal Medicine is a peer-reviewed and interdisciplinary journal focusing on the intersections of health, law, science and policy. The journal publishes short commentaries and articles, but longer articles also can be published. Topics relating to the journal include professional liability, bioethics legal issues, including clinical and research ethics, health care regulation, health science and technology law, food and drug law, public health and environment law, health and social justice law, international and human rights. Book review essays, including major contributions to the field, are also published.

The Indian Journal of Legal Medicine is the Peer-Reviewed and Refereed Journal.


Medical lawyers, lawyers, medical professionals and health care administrators and other professionals involved in medical legal training, research, consulting and corporate, administrative and private professional practice.