Journal of Animal Feed Science and Technology
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Current Issue

Journal of Animal Feed Science and Technology

Volume 11, Issue 2 (July - December), 2023

Original Article

Characterisation of Contract and Non Contract Broilers Farming in Eastern Plain Zone of Uttar Pradesh

H.C. Verma, Assistant Professor, Department of Veterinary and Animal Husbandry Extension Education, College of Veterinary Science, Animal Husbandry, Acharya Narendra Deva University of Agriculture & Technology, Ayodhya 224229, Uttar Pradesh India.

Foliicolous Fungi on Some Important Ethano Medicinal Plants from Katarniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary Bahraich (U.P.) India

Ajay Kumar, Postgraduate, Department of Botany, M.L.K. (P.G.) College, Balrampur 271201, Uttar Pradesh, India.

Case Report

Diagnosis of Cryptorchidism in German Shepherd Dog using Ultrasonography & its Management

Pankaj Bhanudas Hase, Assistant Professor, Department of Veterinary Clinical Medicine, Ethics and Jurisprudence, Mumbai Veterinary College, Mumbai 400012, Maharashtra, India.

Review Article

Feeding and Managemental Strategies for Dairy Animals During Era of Climate Change

Deep Narayan Singh, Associate Professor, Department of Livestock Farm Complex, Bihar Veterinary College, Bihar Animal Sciences University, Patna 800014, Bihar, India.