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 List of Journal Locate/Access Article
 Journal of Aeronautic Dentistry  Locate/Access Article
 Journal of Animal Feed Science and Technology  Locate/Access Article
 Journal of Cardiovascular Medicine and Surgery  Locate/Access Article
 Journal of Forensic Chemistry and Toxicology  Locate/Access Article
 Journal of Geriatric Nursing  Locate/Access Article
 Journal of Microbiology and Related Research  Locate/Access Article
 Journal of Nurse Midwifery and Maternal Health  Locate/Access Article
 Journal of Orthopaedic Education  Locate/Access Article
 Journal of Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Chemistry  Locate/Access Article
 Journal of Practical Biochemistry and Biophysics  Locate/Access Article
 Journal of Psychiatric Nursing  Locate/Access Article
 Journal of Social Welfare and Management  Locate/Access Article