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  Volume 1, Number 1, January - June 2012
Original Article
Stem Cell Therapy - Liver Disease and Regenerative Medicine
    Rosy Vennila  
Angiogenesis: The formation of Blood Vessels
    Suvro Chatterjee  
Microarrays: Bidding Adieu?
    V.L. Ram Prasad  
Medical Biotechnology and the Challenge of Chronic disease
    B.S. Ramakrishna  
Molecular Pathogenesis of Immune System Disorders
Application of Next Generation Sequencing in Fundamental and Clinical Sciences
    Karthi Sivaraman  
Biology of Angiogenesis
    Suvro Chatterjee  
Study on CD40L mimetic molecules on Dendritic cells
    S. Sivagami, M.Yogalakshmi, and M. Sivanandham  
Stem Cells: A Promising Candidate for cardiovascular Diseases
    R.Sumathy1,2, M. Vijayalakshmi1 , M. Deeca Raman1  
Applications of Tissue Microarray (TMA) platform for the Molecular characterization of Cancers
    Siddhartha Roy, K.N.C. Murthy, Chandra Rao Juvva  
Stem cell transplantation and Cancer Treatment: Our experience from a Super-specialty Oncology Hospital
    Siddhartha Roy, E. Venkataswamy and Vidya Harini Veldore  
Interaction studies of active ingredients of Withania somnifera (Ashwagandha) with Beta-1 adrenergic receptor: A target for Cardiovascular Disease
    Nitika Sharma, Vidhyalakshmi H, Rekha Ravindran, Sujata Roy*  
PknE, a Serine / Threonine kinase from Mycobacterium tuberculosis modulates apoptosis and arginase signalling in macrophages
    Dinesh Kumar P and Sujatha Narayanan  
Effects of overexpression of signal recognition particle receptor (FtsY) in Mycobacteria
    Malini Veerasamy and Sujatha Narayanan  
Development of Recombinant BCG Based Epitope Vaccine Candidate for Tuberculosis
    Aparna Christy, Karthika K.D, P. Kannan and Sujatha Narayanan  
Study of Chick Chorioallantoic membrane to test anti-angiogenesis Activity
    D. Shanmugapriya, M.Ramya, D. Nithila, R. Jayasree  
Effects of Oxidative stress in Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis
    D. Vijayakumar  
Modulatory effect of PPAR-gamma agonist pioglitazone on preosteoclast cells of Type2 diabetic subjects
    Thanigaivelan K, Karpagam V, Shila S*  
Association of Monocyte Chemoattractant Protein (MCP) 1 gene 2518 A/G Polymorphism with Type2 Diabetic Nephropathy in South Indian Population
    Yaongamphi Vashum, Md. S. Yasin, B. Thaslima, S. Shila*  
Regulatory Role of PPAR-gamma Agonist Pioglitazone in Osteoclastogenesis of Type2 Diabetic Postmenopausal Women
    Zenith Khashim, Shila Samuel*  
Association of Endothelial nitric oxide synthase gene Glu298Asp polymorphism in Type2 diabetic foot ulcer among south Indian population
    Tholcopiyan.L1 , Aswini2 , Santhosh3 , Arvind Reddy4 , Hemanth Kumar P5 , Shila S6  
Study on finding the role of Peroxisome Proliferator – Activated Receptor -g (PPAR-gamma) agonist Pioglitazone in A549 Lung Adenocarcinoma Cell line
    Purushoth E1 , Daphne Bernice V2 , Shila S2  
In Silico Structure Based Designing of Potent Peptide Inhibitors for Renin and Angiotensin Converting Enzymes
    Sampoornam B, Shila S.  
Omega-3 Fatty acids from marine microbes
    Abirami S*, Kalpana Balaji, Rajapriya G.  
Screening of Nattokinase Enzyme Producing Microorganisms
    Rajani Gopal Gad*1,2, V Sheela1 , S Nirmala2  
Calculation of Secondary structure factors for the Medicinal Plant Cissus quardrangularis
    K.Ramanadhan, V. Dinesh, K.Saranraj  
Targeted drug delivery using niosome: The magic bullet
    S. Henna Rohiya, B. Jeevitha, A. Grace Agnes, Rekha Ravindran  
Treatment of spinal cord injury using human bone marrow derived neural stem cell-like cells
    Hemavathy Nagarajan, K.Swetha, V. Varadha Balaji, Millicent Mabel  
Treatment for alkaptonuria by gene therapy
    B. Vinodhini, M. Swetha, Hemavathy Nagarajan, Millicent Mabel