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  Volume 11, Number 1, January-June  2018
Original Article
Differences in Rugae Pattern and Morphology of Central Incisors between North Indians and South Indians by the Method of Descriptive Study
    M.A. Adil Ahmed*, Sumeya Fathima**, Sushmi Ganesh**, Sushmitha S.**, Swathi R.**, Swathika M.C.L.**, Swetha B.**  |  DOI:
Dermatoglyphics: A Plausible Risk Indicator
    Aratrika Mukherjee*, Madhushree K.N.**, Aftab Nawab***, Shivamurthy Ravindra****, Vivekananda M.R.*****, Shivaprasad D.******  |  DOI:
Butterfly Effect: Does it Correlate with Age and Gender?
    Phulari Rashmi G.S.*, Rathore Rajendrasinh S.**, Rajyaguru Kinjal R.***, Patel Mitul H.****  |  DOI:
Review Article
Application of Saliva Samples in Forensics: a Brief Update
    Karthik M. Krishna*, Deepali Jain**, Vikram Deep Singh*** Lumbini Pathivada****  |  DOI: