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  Volume 3, Number 1, January - March 2010
Original Article
Accuracy of BR Equations in Age determinant from Osteons an Age
    Jasdeep Kaur, R. K. Jain, S.C. Anand, S. Nath  
Determination of Cameriere Regression Equation Accuracy for Age Estimation In Haryana sub Population
    Jasdeep Kaur, Balwant Rai, Luigi Ferrante, Roberto Cameriere  
Bite Marks Analysis in Forensic Odontology
    Sujatha S Reddy, N Rakesh, Atul Kaushik  
Three Physiological change : Age Estimation
    Jasdeep Kaur, R. K. Jain, S.Nath  
Tooth Developments : An Accuracy of Age Estimation of Radiographic Methods
    S. C. Anand* Balwant Rai*  
Failure of clinical forensic dentistry
    Balwant Rai, Jasdeep Kaur  
National standard terminology for forensic odontology
    Balwant Rai