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  Volume 5, Number 2(Special Issue), May - August 2019
Original Article
Cyber Terrorism in India: A Physical Reality Orvirtual Myth
    Shiv Raman1, Nidhi Sharma2  |  DOI:
Plea Bargaining: A Silver Lining or a Compromised Mockery
    Shubham Gupta1, Kiran Chauhan2  |  10.21088/ijlhb.2454.7107.5219.6
Judiciary and Media Trial: A Need for Balance and Public Policy Overview
    Dheeraj Arora  |  10.21088/ijlhb.2454.7107.5219.7
Judiciary and Media Trial: A Need for Balance
    Mohd. Aqib1, Utkarsh Dwivedi2  |  10.21088/ijlhb.2454.7107.5219.8
Organized Crimes including White Collar Crimes and Economic Crimes
    Aditya Kapoor1, Onkar Lakhanpal2  |  10.21088/ijlhb.2454.7107.5219.9
Organized Crimes: An Overview
    Monika Sharma  |  10.21088/ijlhb.2454.7107.5219.10
The Role of Judiciary in India: If Balancing Activism or Working Under the Influence of Politics?
    Reetika Bansal1, Vertika Bansal2  |  10.21088/ijlhb.2454.7107.5219.11
Criminal Justice System in India: Emerging Dimensions
    Bhumika Datwani1, Shruti Kakkad2  |  10.21088/ijlhb.2454.7107.5219.12
Consensual Sexual Intercourse on False Pretext of Marriage If Rape: A Socio - Legal Study
    Surbhi Gupta1, Rahul Gautam  |  10.21088/ijlhb.2454.7107.5219.13
Juvenile Deliquency: An Early Age to Crimes
    Aadish Jain  |  10.21088/ijlhb.2454.7107.5219.14
Media Trial: Violating the Fundamental Right of Speech and Expression
    Kartikey Raja  |  10.21088/ijlhb.2454.7107.5219.15
Cyber-Crime: An Unleashed Danger for Developing Countries
    Himanshu Mishra  |  10.21088/ijlhb.2454.7107.5219.16
Juvenile Delinquency in Consonance with Reformative Theory in India
    Rimpy Bhardwaj  |  10.21088/ijlhb.2454.7107.5219.17
Correctional and Rehabilitative Techniques of Punishment: A Need for Legislative Reform in India
    Shalini Gupta  |  10.21088/ijlhb.2454.7107.5219.18
Cyber Crime: It’s Impact on Youth
    Mehak  |  10.21088/ijlhb.2454.7107.5219.19
Economic Crimes in India
    Sheenam Kaushik1, Ashima Garg2  |  10.21088/ijlhb.2454.7107.5219.20
Plea Bargaining: A Silver Lining in the Indian Legal System
    Vijay Laxmi1, Shipra Gupta2  |  10.21088/ijlhb.2454.7107.5219.21
Shifting Paradigms of Corporate Responsibility towards Social Accountability
    Shipra Gupta1, Vijaylaxmi2  |  10.21088/ijlhb.2454.7107.5219.22
Juvenile Delinquents: Practicability of Reformative Theory if Serving the Purpose?
    Priya Setia  |  10.21088/ijlhb.2454.7107.5219.23
An Alternative Criminal Dispute Settlement: A Criminal Administration of Justice and Judicial Precedent
    Vertika Bansal  |  10.21088/ijlhb.2454.7107.5219.24
Reformatory Theory a Bane
    Atharv Arya  |  10.21088/ijlhb.2454.7107.5219.25
Checks and Balances between Judiciary and Media Trail
    S Kavin1, S Priyanka  |  10.21088/ijlhb.2454.7107.5219.26