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  Volume 3, Number 1, January - June 2017
Review Article
Environmentally Displaced Persons and Protection of Their Rights: Issues and Challanges
    Aparna Singh*, Samiuddin**  |
Women and Politics in India: A Perspective
    Mayengbam Nandakishwor Singh  |
International Criminal Law: An Evaluation of Self Defense
    Naresh Kumar Vats*, Megha Purohit**  |
Development vis-a-vis Sustainable Development: Conflict and Consensus with Indian Mythology
    Tulishree Pradhan  |
Mental Cruelty: An Extent of Alchemy of Feelings?
    Tulishree Pradhan  |
Constitutionality of the Process of Demonetisation: A Study
    Diganta Biswas  |
Legal Recognition of Live-In Relationship and Its Challenges to the Institution of Marriage
    Kasanappa Naik*, Devidas G. Maley**  |
The Agreement on Agriculture (AoA) of WTO and Its Impact on India
    Devidas G. Maley  |