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  Volume 7, Number 2, july-december 2022
Original Article
Regenerative Methods in Pressure Ulcers
    Barath kumar singh1 , Neljo Thomas2 , Ravi Kumar Chittoria3  
Review Article
Thomash Alvarado Score a Diagnostic Tool for Areas a Diagnostic Tool for Areas in Peripheries where Non Availability
    Mayank Chugh1 , Satender Tanwar2 , Jaideep Bagri3 ,Subham Sharma4  
Case Report
Falciparum Malaria a Unusual Presentation in Foreign Returned (South Africa) Person Infected with Malaria
    1 Mayank Chugh, 2 Satender Tanwar, 3 Hitesh Dudeja  
Ileoileal Knotting: A Rare Casue for Instestinal Obstruction
    P R Venugopal1 , V Devanarayan2