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  Volume 4, Number 1-2, January – December 2019
Review Article
Cytomegalovirus in Inflammatory Bowel Disease - Clinical Relevance.
    1Viswanath Reddy Donapati, 2G. R. Srinivas Rao, 3Y, Rami Reddy  
Extra Pulmonary Manifestation of COVID 19 i.e., Gastrointestinal Symptoms in COVID 19 Received in OPD/IPD of Chugh Multispecialty Hospital – A single Centric Study.
    Mayank Chugh, 2SatenderTanwar  
Case Report
Acute Biliary Peritonitis A Rare Case Report of Isolated Gall Bladder Gangrene Secondary to Coeliac Artery Thrombus
    1Shwetha R Chandra, 2Vinay H G, 3Ramesh Reddy G, 4Merin Mary