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  Volume 5, Number 1, January-June 2019
Original Article
Hunger and Voice: Marginalization and Impoverishment towards a Chaotic Social Ecology
    Anannya Chakraborty1, S.K. Acharya2  |  DOI:
Antibiotic Resistance from Indian Cuisine: A Matter of Well being and Health
    S.K. Bharti1, Parveez Ahmad Para2, Moloya Gogai3, Anita4, Sucharitha Devi5, Rashmi H.B.6  |  DOI:
Effect of Irrigation Methods on Biometric Development of Litchi
    R.D. Bansod  |  DOI:
The Estimation of Income, Livelihood and Productivity from Pulse Enterprise: The Analysis and Implication
    Sankar Kumar Acharya1, Amitava Biswas2, Subham Mandal3, Riti Chatterjee4, Anwesha Mandal5  |  DOI:
Review Article
Managemental Strategies of Farm Animals During Transition Period
    D.N. Singh  |  DOI:
Influence of Pruning on Yield and Quality of Guava :A Review
    Akash Sharma1, V.K. Wali2, Shilpi Kumar3  |  DOI:
Herbal the Harvest: The Business Profitability and Ecological Sustenance in India
    Dristika Jairu1, S.K. Acharya2  |  DOI: