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  Volume 1, Number 1, January-June 2017
Original Article
Tourism v/s Environment: A Case Study of Kashmir Valley
    Samira Khan1 , Ibrahim Wani2 , Bilal Ahmad Bhat3  |  http://dx.doi.org/10.21088/ija.2320.0022.7618.1
Determination of Geomorphological Characteristics of Karpri-Kalu Watershed Using GIS Techniques
    R.D. Bansod1 , G.S. Ajabe2  |  N/A
Awareness, Attitude and Practice of University Students Towards Household Waste Management in Kashmir Valley
    Bilal Ahmad Bhat1 , M. Ashraf Wani2 , Samira Khan3 , Nusrat2 , Shayesta Rahi4 , Munazah Yaqoob5 , Intizar Ahmad6  |  doi
WQI at Different Stations along the Mula River
    V.K. Balsane1 ,R.D. Bansod2  |  N/A
Stabilisation of Wastewater by Lemna minor: A Microcosm Study
    A.K. Haritash1, Nikhil Mittal1, Ruby Aggarwal1, Swamini Khurana1