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  Volume 1, Number 1, January - April 2012
Original Article
Prognostic Correlation of Tumor Growth Fraction and Hormone Receptor Status in Breast Carcinoma
    Ajay Malik A, B. Fanthome, Prabal Deb, Vibha Dutta  
Levels of inflammatory markers (ESR, TNF-á) and DAS28 in Rheumatoid Arthritis patients
    Gaurav Thakur, Rukmani Nair, Ranjana Chawla  
Liquid based cytology-should it replace conventional pap smear for cervical cancer screening?
    Aditi Raina  
Case Report
Hypoploastic Left Heart Syndrome: An Autopsy Study
    Kamaljeet Singh, Venkateswaran K. Iyer  
A clinicopathological study of a case of Hemoglobin E-beta Thalassemia
    Seema Goel, Narendra Goel, R.K. Bhatnagar,Vidya Vishwanathan