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Indian Journal of Ancient Medicine and Yoga

Volume  15, Issue 1, January – March 2022, Pages 21-27


Review Article

Conceptual Analysis of Diabetic Ulcer in Ayurveda: A Brief Review
T S Dudhamal1, Snehal Sonani2
1Associate Professor, 2Ph D Scholar, Department of Shalya Tantra, Institute of Teaching and Research in Ayurveda, Jamnagar 361008, Gujarat, India.
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Diabetic considering silent killer for human body, it affects body gradually if not taken medical care properly. Main complication of diabetic is its neuropathy in which patient does not having proper sensory pathway, minute trauma also can lead to big clinical tragedy i.e. amputation of foot after non healing ulcer. Diabetic ulcer can be due to neuropathy as well as ischemia also. More than 60% diabetic ulcers are results from neuropathy characterised by

neurogenic ulcers. Consideration of signs and symptoms of diabetic ulcer, It can be understood as a DustaVrana or Bheda of Prameha Pidika. Ayurveda has mentioned broad term ‘Vrana’ which covers all kinds of ulcers and wounds mentioned in modern science. As prevention is first aspect of Ayurveda, it is better if we can decode condition of diabetic ulcer as per Ayurveda terms and also get management for the same. Aim of this review article is to understand Ayurveda concepts of diabetic ulcer and its perspective of its management

Corresponding Author : Snehal Sonani