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Red Flower Publication::Online manuscript submission and processing
  Current Issue of Indian Journal of Ancient Medicine and Yoga
Volume 13 Number 1 2020
Original Article
Managing Mutrashmari through Ayurvedic Drugs-I: Kulattha (Dolichos biflorus Linn)
Akshay Suden
[Abstract] | [PDF]
Review Article
Kakoli an Important Medicinal Plant of Ayurveda: A Classical Review Based on Various Ayurvedic Nighantu and Kosha
Rajesh Kumar Mishra
[Abstract] | [PDF]
Formulations of Panchavalkala As Vrana Shodhana and Vrana Ropana: A Brief Review
TS Dudhamal
[Abstract] | [PDF]
A Critical Review Study on Concept of Peshi Described in Ayurveda with Special Reference to Modern Myology
Sandeep Madhukar Lahange
[Abstract] | [PDF]
A Comprehensive Review of Shilajatu (Black Bitumen or Mineral Pitch)
Vijaykumar S Kotrannavar
[Abstract] | [PDF]