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 Journal of Plastic Surgery and Transplantation
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Journal Details
Editorial-Chief Ravi Kumar Chittoria, MCh, Pondicherry
Frequency Triannual
IC Value -
Impact Factor -
Publishing Year 2019
Affiliated to RFPPL own Journal

Physicians, general surgeon, plastic surgeon, orthopedicians, nephrologists, urologists and human organ transplantation experts

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New journal and yet not indexed and abstracted.

About the Journal

Journal of Plastic Surgery and Transplantation is published half-yearly is an indispensable resource featuring key, up-to-date and important advances in the field from around the world. Journal of Organ Transplantation delivers a fresh insight into topics such as stem cell transplantation, immunosuppression, tolerance induction and organ preservation and procurement.

Current Issue Volume 3,Number 1 2021
Original Article
Role of Low Level Laser Therapy in Scar Management
Ravi Kumar Chittoria,
[Abstract] | [HTML Full text] | [PDF]
Role of Bone Marrow Aspiration Needle in Ear Piercing
Ravi Kumar Chittoria
[Abstract] | [HTML Full text] | [PDF]
Review Article
Versatility of Negative Pressure Wound Dressings in Plastic Surgery
Leon V Alexander
[Abstract] | [HTML Full text] | [PDF]