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Red Flower Publication::Online manuscript submission and processing
  Current Issue of RFP Journal of Hospital Administration (Formerly Indian Journal of Hospital Administration)
Volume 3 Number 2 2019
Original Article
A Comparative Study to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Structured Teaching Programme and Video Assisted Teaching Programme on Knowledge Regarding Biomedical Waste Management
Bhawana Sahu
[Abstract] | [PDF]
A Pilot Study on Job Satisfaction of Medical Coders
Settepalli Jasmin Debora
[Abstract] | [PDF]
Effect of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome on Exercise Capacity
Neha Gupta
[Abstract] | [PDF]
Review Article
Establishment of a Postmortem Centre Mortuary - III: Protocols and Guidelines for Dead Body Handling and Preservation
Abhishek Yadav
[Abstract] | [PDF]
Palliative Care: Model and Types
C Vasantha Kalyani
[Abstract] | [PDF]
Effectiveness of the Video Assisted Teaching on Knowledge Regarding Prevention of Malnutrition Among the Mothers of Pre-Schooler
Suhasini Vinayak Sanas
[Abstract] | [PDF]
Case Report
Factors Affecting Nurse Attrition in a Super Specialty Hospital: A Case Study
Dishant Parakh
[Abstract] | [PDF]