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Indian Journal of Ancient Medicine and Yoga

Volume  9, Issue 3, July - September 2016, Pages 115-118

Case Report

Effect of Cupping Therapy in Gridhrasi (Sciatica)

Durgesh Nandini*, Tukaram Dudhamal**

*3rd MS -Ayu Scholar, **Associate Professor and I/C HOD, Dept. of Shalya Tantra, I.P.G.T. & R.A., Gujarat Ayurved University, Jamnagar, Gujarat-361 008, India.

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  The symptoms of Gridhrasi are Toda (pricking pain), spandana (pulsating movement), graham heaviness)stambha (stiffness) and vedana (pain) from Kati-Pradesha to Padanguli. Sciatica  is a severe painful condition where back pain which is radiating to entire leg with or without tingling numbness. Various methods used for Gridhrasi treatment but para-surgical methods i.e. gnikarma & Raktamokshana are more beneficial. Raktamokshana is one of the fascinating subject and satisfactory answer for Gridhrasi. In this case report, a female patient of 44 years having radiating pain from back to foot since 7 years consulted to OPD of Shalya Tantra. She had taken medication for sciatic pain with unsatisfactory results. So she consulted to Ayurveda hospital and was treated with Raktamokshana by cupping therapy in two sittings at 15 days interval. Result suggests that by using cupping therapy (Wet Cupping) compared to baseline treatment pain was decreased more efficiently. Hence study concluded that sciatic pain can be managed with cupping therapy. 

Keywords: Ayurveda; Cupping Therapy; Gridhrasi; Sciatica; aktamokshana.  

Corresponding Author : Tukaram Dudhamal**