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Journal of Aeronautic Dentistry
About the journal
Dr. Mayukh Pandit, Kolkata
Not affiliated with any society / association / organization

Dentists, Astronauts, Aeronautical Engineers, Aerospace Engineers, Aircraft Designers, and Aircraft Test Pilots.

Volume 1, Number 1 (January - March), 2009
February 27, 2024

Journal Description

The Journal of Aeronautic Dentistry (JAD) presents original peer-reviewed articles on artificial gravity, microgravity, zero gravity, and human factors. The Journal focuses on the techniques and developments of aircrew members who are facing many adverse effects, such as head and facial barotrauma (head and neck associated with barotrauma, external oral barotrauma, barosinusitis and barotitis media), dental barotrauma (toe damage related to barometric pressure), and barodontalgia (oro-dental pain related to barometric pressure). Special consideration must be given to the planning of rehabilitation, endodontic, prosthetic and surgical treatment for aircrew patients. The Journal of Aeronautic Dentistry presents information on advanced development projects to create tools for analyzing, designing and evaluating spacecraft and operations and for the design concepts of future spacecraft. The JAD is the first scientific journal in the world to publish the most important work in aviation dentistry.

The Journal of Aeronautic Dentistry is a peer-reviewed and refereed journal.