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Indian Journal of Library and Information Science

Volume  6, Issue 3 (Supl.), Sept - Dec 2012, Pages 285-291


Original Article

Awareness of Electronic Resources among the Research Scholars of Anna University of Technology, Coimbatore and its Affiliated Colleges
L.Santhi, N.Radhakrishnan
* Senior Librarian, M.Kumarasamy college of Engineering, Karur 639 113, **Chief Librarian, BITS Pilani-Dubai.
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The study investigated the awareness of electronics resources by the research scholars of Anna University of Technology, Coimbatore and its affiliated colleges. It examined the research scholar’s awareness of the resources available, the type of resources provided by the library. Findings reveal that the most of the researchers are satisfied with E-resources available in their institutions. Some of the research scholars felt that they need orientation to use them. 

Keywords: Digital Libraries/ E-resources, usage pattern; research scholars, awareness. 

Corresponding Author : L.Santhi