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Indian Journal of Library and Information Science

Volume  5, Issue 3, October - December 2011, Pages 289-293


Review Article

Developing an Online Public Access Catalogue: a case study of Mangalore University Library
S.S. Kumbar, T. Y. Mallaiah
*Deputy Librarian, Mangalore University Library, Mangalagangothri-574 199, Mangalore, (DK), Karnataka, ** Dr. T. Y. Mallaiah, Deputy Librarian, Mangalore University Library Mangalagangothri, 574 199, Mangalore, (DK),Karnataka. Reprint’s request:
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The paper describes the efforts made by Mangalore University Library in developing the Web OPAC. The re-cataloguing process carried out by the staff due to the policy decision to change the catalogue code from CCC to AACR-II was mentioned. The process of preparing the collection for library automation was explained. Difficulties faced while creating catalogue database using LIBSYS have been mentioned. The utility of the Web OPAC for the users have been stated. The impact of web technologies on the user needs have been identified. It was suggested for augmenting the web technologies for designing the future OPACs keeping in mind the changes in the user expectations. Finally the paper stressed the need for maintaining the regular backup of the entire database.

Key words: OPAC 2.0, Web OPAC

Corresponding Author : S.S. Kumbar