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Indian Journal of Library and Information Science

Volume  5, Issue 3, October - December 2011, Pages 245-254


Review Article

Managerial and Technological Skills for LIS Professionals: A Survey
Suresh Jange, Sujatha
*Deputy Librarian, Gulbarga University, Gulbarga – 585 106, Karnataka, India, **Librarian, Government Degree College, Gurmitkal, Karnataka, India.
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Enormous changes have been taking place in the entire gamut of information industry and this calls for acuiring skills both traditional, technological and managerial skills to keep pace with time for rendering need based services to the users. The main purpose of the study is to explore the current challenges faced by library professionals in managing the libraries, technological skills required and leadership qualities needed for present and future Library Professionals to effectively render need based information services to the user community. Survey method using questionnaire is used to elicit research data from library professional and Non-library Professional working in Bangalore city with 206 questionnaires duly filled out of 312 distributed. The results reveal that managerial incompetence of librarian, Co-operation and Team work within Library and Communication Skills & Commitment of library staff are Current challenges faced by Library Professionals in managing the Libraries and calls for Sound Knowledge of Library information science, Internet and Databases searching skills. The study concludes for developing effective leadership with a view to develop and build better qualitative libraries towards service motto and image building of library proffession.

Keywords: Library Leadership, Library Skills, Soft Skills, ICT Traits, Managerial Skills, Technological Skills, LIS Professionals

Corresponding Author : Suresh Jange