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Indian Journal of Forensic Odontology

Volume  10, Issue 1, Jan-June 2017 2017, Pages 41-46

Review Article

Bitemarks in Forensic Odontology

Mounabati Mohapatra*, Priyanka Sarangi**, Sukanta Satapathy***

*Professor & Head, Dept. of Dental Surgery, All India Institute of Medical Science, Bhubaneswar, Orissa. **Assistant Professor, Department of Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics ***Senior Resident, Department of Prosthodontics, SCB Dental College

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 Forensic science is vast and dentists are privileged to play a prominent part of the investigating team, since the oral cavity area is small but highly resistant to destruction. Dentists should accept the challenge to play the part in investigation when called on by studying, doing research and keeping equipment ready. Forensic dentistry generally addresses the problem of identifying individuals based on the properties of teeth. Looking at the location, orientation, presence/absence, and dental work, people can be matched to dental records or bitemark impressions for identification. The present review describes the classification, characteristics, mechanism of production, and appearance of bite mark injuries, collection of evidence, comparison techniques, and technical aids in the analysis of the bite marks.

Keywords: Bite Marks; Forensic Dentistry; Identification; Crime.


Corresponding Author : Mounabati Mohapatra