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Indian Journal of Forensic Odontology

Volume  9, Issue 1,  January - June 2016, Pages 41-44


Review Article

Determination of Race and Ethinicity on the Basis of Human Dentition: A New Paradigm in Forensic Dentistry
Akhilanand Chaurasia*, Divyajeet Goel**
*Assistant Professor, **Junior Resident, Department of Oral Medicine & Radiology, Faculty of Dental Sciences, King George’s Medical Unniversity, Lucknow.
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 A race is defined as a morphologically recognizable subset of a species. From time to time many authors have used dental characteristics to determine ancestry and ethnicity. Morphological characteristics of teeth on the basis of which it is possible to differentiate the races were determined by numerous dental anthropological studies involving Carabelli’s trait, Shovel-shaped incisors etc. This article highlights the different methods and morphological variations of teeth and their role in race and ethnicity determination both antimortem and postmortem. 

Keywords: Forensic Identification; Ethnicity; Human Race; Dental Anthropology.

Corresponding Author : Akhilanand Chaurasia*