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Indian Journal of Waste Management

Volume  6, Issue 1, january-june 2022, Pages 22-27

Review Article

Review Study on Global Warming A Concerned Problem

Prasansha Singla

Student, Department of Forensic Science, Amity Institute, Amity University, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 101593, India.

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This study focuses on an examination of the causes, consequences, and political reactions to global warming.  The term "global warming" is now commonly used to refer to the increase in greenhouse gas concentrations in  the atmosphere, which is primarily due to human activity. For many years, evidence shows that there has been a  heated and frequently emotional debate about the origins and implications of global warming. Despite the fact that  the causes are still debated and there is no consensus among proponents, much of the evidence points to increased  global warming. It's no longer a prediction; it's occurring right now. Extinction of numerous species, population  displacement/migration, desertification, starvation, drought, and chronic food insecurity are all major indications.  Governments, scientists, and politicians do not agree on how to reduce global warming because of their political  differences and competing interests. What causes global warming is at the heart of the discussion. There is strong  evidence in the scientific literature that global warming has accelerated in recent decades and that the increases are  due to human-induced greenhouse gas emissions. On the other hand, opponents of anthropogenic global warming  claim that the cause of global warming is natural and that human involvement is negligible. Global warming is now  at the top of the international political agenda, making it a key political, institutional, and environmental problem  of our day. The study's overall goal is to analyze the discussions between politicians and scientists over the origins  and consequences of global warming. Keywords: Global warming, Climate change, Climate variability, Greenhouse gas, Anthropogenic, Extreme  event.

Corresponding Author : Prasansha Singla