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Indian Journal of Waste Management

Volume  6, Issue 1, january-june 2022, Pages 15-19

Original Article

Studies on Trends and Preservation of Trends

R D Bansod

Professor, Department of Agricultural Engineering, College of Agriculture Mahatma Phule Krishi Vidyapeeth, Pune, Maharashtra 413722, India.

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The impact of climate change is projected to have different effects within and between countries. Information  about such change is required at global, regional and basin scales for a variety of purposes. A study was carried out  to find the trends in rainfall and temperature data by using Mann-Kendall test. 34 years of rainfall data were used  for conducting study. Trend analysis was done for monthly data, annual data and three year annual average data. In  monthly analysis of historical data it was found that during Monsoon months June showed increasing trend while  rest of monsoon months showed decreasing trend, remaining months of a year showed no trend. In case of annual  average data analysis, it showed no trend. In three-year annual average data it showed no trend. Keywords: Mann-Kendall test, Rainfall, Trend analysis.

Corresponding Author : R.D. Bansod,