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Indian Journal of Waste Management

Volume  6, Issue 1, january-june 2022, Pages 8-13

Original Article

Effect of Flow on Vegetation

V K Balsane, Ravindra Bansod

1 Assistant Professor, Department of Agricultural Engineering, College of Agriculture, Nandurbar 425412, Maharashtra, India. 2 Professor, Department of College of Agriculture Mahatma Phule Krishi Vidyapeeth, Pune, Maharashtra 413722, India

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Plant species and its parameters along the Left Hand Bank and Right Hand Bank of Mula River for the selected locations were collected for the study the effect of flow on vegetation using PCA (Principal Component Analysis). The order of importance of each parameter was calculated, and it is observed that the most significant location is RahuriBudruk, followed by Manori, Baragaon Nandur and Valan. Keywords: The order of importance of each parameter was calculated

Corresponding Author : Ravindra Bansod