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New Indian Journal of Surgery

Volume  3, Issue 3, July - September 2012, Pages 115-115



Awareness & Practice of National Guidelines on Infant and Young Child Feeding among Working Women in Delhi
Prateek Harne, Prerna Batra
University College of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, India
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It is estimated that 1 out of every 3 malnourished children lives in India and malnutrition is the leading cause of childhood mortality. Optimal infant and young child feeding practices determine the health and survival of infants and young children. Government of India has given the National Guidelines for Infant and Young Child Feeding (NGIYCF), but optimal IYCF practices are not reflected in the results of national surveys. With urbanization and increased literacy rates among females, female employment is increasing. Working women find it even more difficult to practice these guidelines. They need more support from government authorities and their families. Thus, present study was planned to assess the level of awareness and practices opted by the working women and the factors influencing implementation of these guidelines.

Corresponding Author : Prateek Harne