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 International Journal of Pediatric Nursing
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Journal Details
Editorial-Chief Rupa A. Varma, Nagpur
Frequency Semiannual
IC Value IC ValuE: 2015: 65.65, 2016: 75.33, 2018: 83.72,2020:86.97, 2021:91.75
Impact Factor -
Publishing Year 2015
Affiliated to RFPPL own Journal

Child health Nurses, Pediatricians, Surgeons, Neonatologists and Geneticists

Abstracting and Indexing information

Index Copernicus, Poland (IC Value: 2015: 65.65, 2016: 75.33, 2018: 83.72, 2020:86.97, 2021:91.75)
Gaudeamus Academia
Science Library Index
International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE)

About the Journal

International Journal of Pediatric Nursing (IJPEN) is the official journal of the Red Flower Publication Pvt. Ltd. The journal provides original, peer-reviewed research that is based on the philosophy that pediatric nursing incorporates a family-centered approach. It serves as a forum for the dissemination of current information in the field of pediatric nursing. Each issue will appeal to the staff nurse as well as management and will provide the reader with a lasting reference source. Divergent points of view are presented to provide a comprehensive discussion of subjects needed by pediatric nursing professionals. Journal content covers the life span from birth to adolescence. Submissions should be pertinent to the nursing care needs of healthy and ill infants, children, and adolescents, addressing their bio-psychosocial needs. IJPEN also features the following regular columns for which authors may submit brief papers: Research Commentary, Clinical Practice, Hot Topics, and Technology.

International Journal of Pediatric Nursing is the Peer-Reviewed and Refereed Journal

Bibliographic Information

p-ISSN  2454-9126
e-ISSN   2455-6343
Current Issue Volume 8,Number 1 2022
Original Article
Good Parenting Skills
Prempati Mayanglambam
[Abstract] | [HTML Full text] | [PDF]
Screening of Neonates with Hyperbilirubinemia for Sensorineural Deafness
Sanjay Goudappa Sangavi
[Abstract] | [HTML Full text] | [PDF]
Asess the Effect Assess Behavioral Changes of Single Child Versus Child with Siblings
Suhasini Vinayak Sanas,
[Abstract] | [HTML Full text] | [PDF]
Review Article
Bullying:Age and Gender Differences
Rajathi Sakthivel
[Abstract] | [HTML Full text] | [PDF]
Protein Energy Malnutrition: The Heading Cause of Mortality in Country
Salve Dhiraj Vijay
[Abstract] | [HTML Full text] | [PDF]
A Glimpse on Color Therapy
Khandiya Aashiyana
[Abstract] | [HTML Full text] | [PDF]