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 Call for Editor-in-Chief: Journal of Aeronautical Dentistry


Posted on 21 December 2016


Journal of Aeronautical Dentistry (JAD) (ISSN 0975 - 0576) is presents original, peer-reviewed articles on conditions of the artificial gravity, microgravity, zero gravity and human factors etc. The Journal focuses on techniques and developments in aircrews members facing numerous adverse effects such as head and facial barotraumas (barotrauma-related headache, external otitic barotrauma, barosinusitis and barotitis-media), dental barotrauma (barometric pressure-related tooth injury), barodontalgia (barometric pressure-related oro-dental pain). Special considerations have to be made when planning restorative, endodontic, prosthodontic and surgical treatment to an aircrew patient. Journal of Aeronautical Dentistry presents information relating to advanced development projects aimed at the creation of tools that can be applied to the analysis, design and evaluation of space vehicles and operations, and future space vehicle design concepts. The JAD is first scholarly journal in the world that is publishing the most important work being done in aeronautic dentistry. Detailed information about the journal may be found here

The position of Editor-in-Chief will begin very soon on receipt of the recommendation of journal’s executive committee, following several weeks of informal transition with the outgoing Editor. Responsibilities of the new Editor will include establishing the editorial direction and control of each issue. Specifically, the Editor will:

·         determine the scope of each issue;

·         appoint supporting editors and board members as needed;

·         collaborate with the Associate Editors and Editorial Board to identify and recruit authors and relevant, high quality papers;

·         oversee the peer-review process using Manuscript Central (our system);

·         edit submissions for content and accuracy;

·         help early career authors develop their writing skills;

·         work with the JAD editorial team and Red Flower Publication staff to guide the journal’s strategic development;

·         Promote the journal at conferences globally and help market it through various channels.

·         Candidates should have established networks and prior experience working on a peer-reviewed journal, as well as writing and manuscript reviewing experience. Ideal candidates will demonstrate a deep understanding of the current issues facing Gastroenterology globally.


Interested candidates should submit the following information as soon as possible to


Please describe any experience you have had as an editor, guest editor, member of an editorial board, and/or manuscript reviewer for any peer-reviewed journals.


What are your primary areas of professional expertise and what are your networks within these fields? How would you use those networks to recruit papers, reviewers, and/or editorial board members?

What conferences do you attend regularly?


What are your general perceptions of Aeronautic Dentistry and what is your vision for the journal?


How would you fit the editorial duties into your existing schedule? How would your institution support this role?


Do you have experience working with electronic submission and tracking software?


Please describe your experience working with digital content, including online journals, social media, etc. If you have a blog or a professional Face Book page, please tell us about it.


What is your understanding of publication ethics and how might you apply it in your role as Editor-in-Chief of JAD? Are you familiar with plagiarism detecting software?

Initial interviews will be held by telephone and will be kept confidential unless the candidate requests otherwise. Letters of recommendation will be required only in the case of successful candidates. 


Please submit your application via email to:

Editorial Manager
Red Flower Publication Pvt. Ltd.
48/41-42, DSIDC, Pocket-II
Mayur Vihar Phase-I
Delhi - 110 091(India)
Phone: 91-11-22754205, 45796900, 22756995